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We help you navigate Middle Eastern politics and business issues based on more than twenty five years experience of engagement in the region including at the highest levels of government. We can help you with country entry (and exit), understanding the implications of public policy and political agendas for your business and managing complex issues that could impact your reputation.

“Michael knows more about this region than anyone else I have ever met and can explain complex situations in a very easy to understand manner - He was an extremely useful contact to know when I was doing M&A in the region!”
- Former M&A Manager, FTSE 100 energy company

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Michael Barron


Michael has more than 25 years experience visiting, analysing, living and working in the Middle East and North Africa including engagement at the highest levels of government. He has more than 12 years experience working for a FTSE 100 oil and gas company with assignments in Egypt, Oman and Thailand. He also has experience of South East Asian affairs and an in depth knowledge of transparency issues, particularly the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) and EU legislation in this area.

Michael studied Arabic at the University of Edinburgh, including spending time in Cairo. After graduation, he worked in the newsroom of Middle East Broadcasting before joining Control Risks Group as a senior Middle East analyst. He then worked as a freelance consultant for three years before joining BG Group where he worked as a government and public affairs manger for more than 12 years. After leaving BG, he worked for a year with the leading political risk consultancy Eurasia Group as a director in its energy practice.

He is a keen long distance runner and has completed more than 20 marathons.

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