The Middle East

MBC helps you navigate Middle Eastern politics and business issues based on more than thirty years’ experience of engagement in the region including engagement at the highest levels of government.  MBC can help you with country entry (and exit), understanding the implications of public policy and political agendas for your business and managing complex issues that could impact your reputation.

Recent MBC projects in the region have included delivering a human rights assessment to a European engineering firm for a major infrastructure project, supporting an energy ministry with the modernisation of the state oil and gas sector, including improving the transparency and governance around key business processes and providing a new country risk assessment for one of the world’s largest private equity funds.  

Cairo Image
“Michael knows more about this region than anyone else I have ever met and can explain complex situations in a very easy to understand manner - He was an extremely useful contact to know when I was doing M&A in the region!”
Former M&A Manager​